Modern BI for the
modern data stack

Your new data stack requires reimagined analytics.
Welcome to Bixlow.


Break down data silos

Unlock powerful BI that is composable and open with zero vendor lock-in

Embed analytics into your applications

Launch embeddable dashboards, charts, and graphs in unmatched time to market.

Lower barriers to analytics adoption

With Bixlow's self-service analytics user interface, business users can build their own dashboards and visualizations to retrieve the insights they need.

Analytics: Built like any other code

The semantic layer on top of your data gives you unmatched productivity. Abstractions, reuse, refactoring – it’s all there. Name aggregated calculations and pass their definition as an argument to another calculation.

Deploy anywhere — with any data, to any cloud

Choose from fully hosted to self-hosted options (including no cloud vendor lock-in).

About Us

By developers, for developers

Bixlow is the analytics platform you would build.

Our approach is API first. You can automate everything, and whatever you build and configure, is machine-readable. All the definitions are declarative: users, data sources, models, charts, dashboards, workspaces. Everything can be exported, imported, and versioned. Definitions can be shared and inherited.

Bixlow integrates easily with all the major players. Simply install our Bixlow Plataform and run analytics close to your data in any cloud or on premises. Your data stack and our platform fit together. With the web components technologies you can create faster PWAs and Websites with your data. Or if you prefer, append in your web application already created.

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Build world-class analytics

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